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What is Aquaworld Water Park?

Aquaworld Water Park in Budapest is Europe's largest indoor water theme park. It offers a uniquely unforgettable experience to your family and friends. Situated in the beautiful city of Budapest, Aquaworld Resort’s Aquaworld is an ideal attraction for adventurers and those looking for relaxation and lazing around. It has 11 huge slides, 15 wave pools, thermal baths, 11 saunas, and more. Keep reading to know more about Aquaworld Water Park, Aquaworld Water Park tickets, zones, and other necessary information to help you plan your visit to this popular theme park.

Highlights Of Aquaworld Water Park 

Highlights Of Aquaworld Water Park  - This is photograph of Aquaworld Water Park

Aquaworld Water Park is embellished with entertainment opportunities. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush or a good time to laze around, Aquaworld has something to offer, no matter what your age is or who you are with.

  • Zones: The Aquaworld Waterpark has seven unique zones & experiences in the theme park- pools, slides, Aqua Spray Park, Sauna World, Aqua Swim Academy, Water Walking Ball, and Kids Playhouse.
  • Waterpark: The water theme park has multiple attractions and activities suitable for guests of all age groups. It is popular for its rides and activities like the indoor and outdoor pools, 1 km long slides, playhouses, wave pools, plunge pools, jacuzzi, etc.
  • Spa: Pamper yourself with wellness and beauty treatment in a luxurious oriental atmosphere with exotic baths, relaxation pools, steam baths, saunas, facials, and other beauty treatments, etc. 
  • Family-friendly: Your family and friends are going to love you for bringing them to the Aquaworld Water Park with themes concentrating on maximum fun, and adventure as well as a relaxation time for all age groups.
  • Restaurants and Bars: The premises has 4-5 options for meals, snacks, fast food, and beverages. There are enough options on the menu, including international and authentic Hungarian cuisine at each outlet, that you do not need to step out for anything.

All Your Aquaworld Water Park Ticket Options

Aquaworld Water Park All Day Entrance Tickets - This is Photograph of Aquaworld Water Park All Day Entrance Tickets

What Is The Best Way To Buy Aquaworld Water Park Tickets? Book Online,

The most convenient way to purchase Aquaworld Water Park tickets is to book your tickets online and take advantage of the online transaction process.

  • Advance Booking: Book your Aquaworld Water Park tickets and plan your visit to the attraction without any worries, as you get instant confirmation of your slot by booking your tickets online. 
  • Convenience: Skip the lines to the ticket counter and the hassle of offline booking by purchasing the tickets for you and your family from the convenience of your home.
  • Discounts: Grab the chance to purchase tickets at the best possible price with heavy discounts and offers.
  • Added Inclusions: Select packages and extra inclusions that are exclusively available online and enjoy a customer experience best suiting your needs!

Zones Inside Aquaworld Water Park

Whether you want to get high on adrenaline or simply laze around in the warm sun, Aquaworld Water Park has something to offer you. Here's a list of all the zones for you to check out during your visit.



A variety of pools are available with varying degrees of temperature, depth, and mechanism. Enjoy an ideal swim in indoor and outdoor pools for adults, a plunge pool, Jacuzzi, and a swimming pool. The kids' indoor and outdoor pool is separate from adults, but you can accompany your kids there.

Slides - This is a Photograph of Slides


Give yourself an adrenaline rush with the selection of 11 fantastic slides that together create a 1 km of adventure for you. Check out Mountain River, Onion Slide, Family Slide, UFO Slide, Rainbow, Black Hole, Kamikaze, Flying Carpet, and more! Each slide has a varying degree of difficulty.

Aqua Spray Park - This is a Photograph of cooling showers

Aqua Spray Park

A family-friendly extension of Aquaworld, is specially designed for kids. It is a playground divided into several play zones spread over 400 sq m of area, offering activities suitable to all age groups, from infants to teenagers. Expect cooling showers, gargoyles, tilting buckets, and other immersive water elements from this zone.

Sauna World

Sauna World

A place to relax your spirit and mind, the Sauna world is a harmonic oriental atmosphere that can accommodate about 200 guests. It is the largest Sauna facility in the city. The Sauna World includes activity areas like include Crystal, Bio, Aroma Sauna, Steam, Infra, Ice, Salt Cabins, etc.

Aqua Swim Academy - This is a Photograph of Aqua Swim Academy

Aqua Swim Academy

The swimming academy in the Waterpark, is designed to accommodate infants, toddlers, teenagers, and adults during their class visits or during the summer vacation camps. The experts can teach your kids about swimming, diving, and playing safely with water.

Water Walking Ball

Water Walking Ball

Step inside an inflated ball and tumble down as you try to walk on water. Step inside the 2.2m transparent ball and watch it get inflated as you hold on to the handles on each side. Once all is set, enjoy tumbling down the water in the water walking ball.

Kids Club Playhouse - This is a Photograph of Kids Club Playhouse

Kids Club Playhouse

Aquaworld is a popular Water park among kids, and it has so much to offer. The Bongo Kids Club playhouse is an unlimited fun zone. It has continental games from across the world set up in a huge space. There are multiple rides and games to engage and educate your kids.

Things To Do Aquaworld Water Park

There are numerous activities, programs, therapies, shopping, and fun parts of the Aquaworld Water Park in Budapest that await your visit.

Shows & Programmes - This is a Photograph of water aerobics

Shows & Programmes

Make weekends and summer camps extra special for your kids and family at the Aquaworld Water Park. Participate in family quizzes, craft challenges, water gym, water aerobics, games with Bongo, animation programs, and other entertainment. The Animation programs and shows at Aquaworld Water Park are designed to be a fun learning program for your kids.

Massage & Sauna - This is a Photograph of Massage

Massage & Sauna

At Aquaworld Water Park, settle your soul physically and spiritually as you get a relaxing, refreshing spa or foot massage with aroma oils kept warm at ideal temperatures. Feel your skin come alive under the hands of experts. The wide variety of saunas and therapy cabins in the Sauna world make a great space for you to simply breathe and do nothing as every bit of stress is evaporated.

Pools & Slides

Pools & Slides

Laze around in different indoor and outdoor pools, Jacuzzi, or play in the wave pool at Aquaworld Water Park. Let your kids have fun in the indoor and outdoor pools especially meant for the kids keeping safety in mind. Participate in a wide range of water sports and climb the challenging slides of varying difficulty.

Restaurants - This is a Photograph of Oriental Bar


There are a wide variety of dining options available onsite. If you are looking for fine Hungarian or international delicacies, check out Duna Restaurant and Fast & Fine Restaurant and Bar offers. Whereas for a more casual setup and choice of food, discover snacks, fast foods, drinks, etc., at the Lobby Bar & Café or Oriental Bar inside the property.

Stores - This is a photograph of Stores


The Aquaworld Shop is all you need to visit for your theme park souvenirs and memorabilia, and in case there is something you forgot to bring. From outfits to accessories, hygiene-related items, and more! Buy gifts, chocolates, biscuits, magazines, beverages, etc. The shops are open from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

Know Before You Visit Aquaworld Water Park

Before you visit the Aquaworld Water Park, here’s what you need to know to plan your trip and make the most of your visit.

Getting There
Park Rules
Food & Drinks
Timing - This is a Photograph of Aquaworld Water Park


  • Theme Park: 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM 
  • Pool: 7:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Best Time To Visit: The best time to leverage your Aquaworld Water Park ticket is during the low seasons and the middle of the week when there are fewer people, giving you more flexibility to spend time at each of the attractions without the crowd rush.

Getting There - This is a Photograph of Aquaworld By Car

Address: Aquaworld Resort Budapest Hotel & Water Park, H-1044 Budapest, Íves út 16.

Find on Maps

  • By Bus: Nr. 230 ( Keleti Railway Station to Aquaworld)
    Nearest Stop: Aquaworld
  • By Car: Liszt Ferenc International Airport, 40 km away
    Car Parking: Extensive indoor and outdoor parking is available.
Facilities - This is a Photograph of Free WiFi Sign
  • Childcare: You can hire babysitters and leverage programs for kids at the venue if you want a few hours of free time to enjoy or pamper yourself.
  • Conveniences: ATM/ banking services, Lifts, Safe, Luggage Storage, Gift Shop, Newsstand, Concierge, Porter, and other services are available.
  • Free WiFi: You can access free WiFi during your visit.
  • Free Parking: The theme park has its own parking space with a capacity of 1000 cars.
  • Swimming lessons: You can find swimming and tennis lessons for adults and kids of all age groups, including infants.
  • Laundry & Dry-Cleaning Facilities: You can make use of the onsite laundry and dry-cleaning services during your visit.
Accessibility - This is a Photograph of Wheelchair
  • Wheelchair Accessible: Property and Parking are accessible through wheelchairs.
  • Designated Smoking Areas: You can access smoking areas as smoking in public zones is not allowed.
  • Toilets: Public toilets and Shower facilities are available.
  • Accessibility Bathrooms: In selected rooms, Accessibility Bathrooms are available for guests.
  • Bathroom Emergency Pull Cord: in case of an emergency encountered inside the bathrooms or in need of assistance, Emergency pull cords are available in the bathrooms.
  • Grab Bar in Bathrooms: For accessibility challenges, grab bars are also available near washrooms.
  • Roll-in Shower: In some rooms, roll-in showers are available to simplify operations.
Park Rules - This is a Photograph of Sauna
  • Parental Supervision: All kids below the age of 14 need parental supervision at all times during their visit to the park.
  • Restrictions: Some parts of the slides are exclusive to children depending upon their height and swimming skills, but otherwise, parents need to accompany the kids.
  • Sauna: The sauna is only meant for guests above the age of 14.
  • Health: Using any slides, pool, sauna, etc., is the sole responsibility of the guests, so discretion is advised based on their health conditions and other limitations.
  • Sauna Towels: Wearing sauna towels and sheets is mandatory in the Saunas.
  • For Kids: The use of swimming nappies by kids is mandatory.
Food & Drinks - This is a Photograph of Cafe

There are numerous onsite and offsite options for you to enjoy meals of your choice during your visit to Aquaworld Water Park Budapest. 

  • Meals: For traditional Hungarian or international meals, don’t leave the premises as the Duna Restaurant and Fast & Fine Restaurant and Bar offer everything you need.
  • Fast Food: Try something from the elaborate menus of the Fast & Fine Restaurant and Bar, Lobby Bar & Café, or Oriental Bar.
  • Cafes: Try out a wide range of mixers, mocktails, cocktails, shakes, etc., from offsite gems like Waycup, Melange Coffee & Wine, Kfc - Dunakeszi Auchan, etc.
  • Snacks: Apart from the onsite eateries for snacks, try visiting Kami Kisvendegloje, Smokey Monkies BBQ, Halpatko, etc.
Accommodation - This is a Photograph of Hotel

Here is a few accommodation options near the Aquaworld Water theme park:

Shopping - This is a Photograph of Shopping

While you are at the Aquaworld Water Park, extend your experience by visiting these nearby popular shopping venues in Budapest:

  • Fast & Fine Restaurant and Bar is ideal for fast food or traditional dishes in a self-service model, and it offers all foods and beverages that you might need including liquor.
  • Aquaworld Shop offers all that you need to make your experience extra special. From swimming essentials to gifts to quick bites, shop for anything you need.
  • Central Market Hall is an expansive, must-visit, historical indoor market that offers a variety of food items, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat.
  • Flying Tiger Copenhagen is a cool place to buy original Danish-style toys and accessories for gifts.
  • Purchase exquisite Lingeries, loungewear, and other intimates from international brands to local designers at the Victoria Shop.
  • Stop by the Westend Shopping Center for all your needs, including apparel, gifts, etc.
Nearby - This is a Photograph of Budapest Zoo

  • Hungarian Parliament: The largest building in Hungary and situated on the Pest side, this neo-Gothic style building is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary.
  • Budapest Baths: Budapest is popular for its luxurious thermal baths set up in magnificent architectural marvels, which are centuries old in some cases.
  • Danube River Cruise: Sail through the Danube river and witness the beautiful setting sun behind the iconic buildings on each side.
  • Budapest Zoo: Inhabiting Polar Bears, Giraffes, Hippos, and other animals, the Budapest Zoo is a marvelous nature reserve.
  • Smarty Bath Party: Popularly known as SPARTY bath Party, the thermal bath parties of Budapest are popular for their size and wild night fun.

Visitor Tips & Guidelines

  • Swimsuits and Dry Clothes: The Aquaworld water park is obviously the place to put on your best swimming costumes, and bring dry clothes to change into later on.
  • Plan Your Visit: The Schedules for different slides and Saunas are precise, and you can check them out once before planning your visit to experience the ones you want during the visit.
  • Weekend Visits: Although crowded, weekends have most of the slides, pools, and saunas open the entire time without breaks which helps you enjoy your favorites without limitation of time.
  • Weekday Visits: Avoid crowds and spend more peaceful time at your favorite spots in different zones, as the crowd is very limited during the weekdays.
  • Spend a Day: Although 3-4 hours are enough for a decent experience, spend at least a night to completely enjoy all aspects of the Aquaworld Water Park.

Frequently Asked Questions About Aquaworld Water Park Theme Park

Q. What is Aquaworld Water Park?

A. A truly family-friendly entertainment spot, Aquaworld Water Theme park is the largest water theme park in Europe, offering a wide range of water slides, pools, saunas, restaurants, and hotel services. Book Aquaworld Water Park tickets online to make the most of your visit.

Q. Where can I buy Aquaworld Water Park tickets?

A. You can purchase the Aquaworld Water Park tickets online.

Q. Is Aquaworld Water Park open post-COVID-19?

A. Yes, Aquaworld Water Park has been reopened after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q. Is it safe to visit Aquaworld Water Park post-COVID-19?

A. Yes, all the necessary measures abiding by the government and health officials' guidelines are strictly followed at Aquaworld Water Park.

Q. Where is Aquaworld Water Park located?

A. The Aquaworld Water Park of the Aquaworld Resort is situated near the city's center in the northern section of Budapest, just off the Pest side bridgehead of the Megyeri Bridge along the new M0 ring. 

Q. What are the Aquaworld Water Park opening hours?

A. The Aquaworld Water Park is open every day from 07:00 AM to 09:00 PM every day, although the pool area closes by 08:30 PM.

Q. What’s the best time to visit Aquaworld Water Park?

A. To spend more time in each area, it is better to visit during weekdays or during the low seasons.

Q. How much time do you need at Aquaworld Water Park?

A. For a usual experience, you need at least 3 to 3.5 hours in the Aquaworld Water Park. But visitors often tend to spend an entire day at the attraction. You can plan your visit as per the experiences and activities you want to explore.

Q. Are there lockers and storage facilities available at Aquaworld Water Park?

A. Yes, lockers and changing rooms are available at Aquaworld Water Park.

Q. Can I leave my children alone at Aquaworld Water Park?

A. You can leave your children with childcare services available to hire on the premises.

Q. Is there a parking space inside Aquaworld Water Park?

A. Extensive indoor and outdoor parking spaces are available in the Aquaworld Water Park.

Q. Are food and beverages allowed into Aquaworld Water Park?

A. Outside food is not allowed at Aquaworld Water Park. Any type of food and beverages, as well as smoking, is not allowed in the pool and sauna area.

Q. What type of restaurants does Aquaworld Water Park offer?

A. There are over five eateries, including fine-dine to casual cafes, on the premises of the water park.

Q. Are strollers and wheelchairs available inside Aquaworld Water Park?

A. For any specific type of accessibility needs, including wheelchairs and strollers, contact the property.

Q. Can I get First Aid at Aquaworld Water Park?

A. Yes, in case of an unfortunate emergency related to the usage of facilities, free-of-cost First Aid is provided to guests.

Q. Is there a baby room inside Aquaworld Water Park?

A. Aquaworld Water Park accommodates most of a kid’s needs, including cribs, baby changing tables, water heaters, playpens, baby baths, childcare services, etc. A separate baby room is not available.

Q. Is it worth visiting Aquaworld Water Park?

A. Offering a variety of entertainment and services for all age groups, the Aquaworld Water Park is completely worth a visit, especially for its promise of delivering an experience of a lifetime!