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Discoverng the Majestic Hungarian Parliament Building

The Hungarian Parliament in Budapest is the largest and most iconic governmental building in Hungary, boasting stunning architecture and intricate design. Housing the National Assembly inside, it stands as a symbol of Hungary's democracy and herit...

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Budapest Parliament

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Imre Steindl

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The Hungarian Parliament seamlessly blends architectural styles, incorporating elements of Gothic Revival, Baroque, and Renaissance design. This fusion creates a visually captivating structure that stands as an iconic symbol of Hungary.

Constructed in the early 20th century, the Parliament was ahead of its time, featuring modern heating and ventilation systems. Remarkably, these innovations from the past continue to function efficiently to this day.

The Hungarian Parliament boasts approximately 40 kilograms of 22-carat gold adorning its 691 rooms. The lavish use of gold adds to the building's regal and luxurious ambiance.

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What to see at the Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest?

About Hungarian Parliament

Architecture and design

The Hungarian Parliament is a stunning blend of architectural styles, from Gothic Revival to Baroque and Renaissance Revival. The entire building is a masterpiece with towering spires, pointed arches, and intricate details.

About Hungarian Parliament

The City Side Staircase XVII

Your tour starts by ascending the ornate City Side Staircase XVII, adorned with gold-plated decorations and framed by statues and stained glass windows. Enjoy a panoramic view of Kossuth Square from this urban corridor.

About Hungarian Parliament

The Grand Stairway

Continue your exploration with a visit to the Grand Stairway, where 96 red carpeted stairs lead you to the Dome Hall. Admire the stunning frescoes by master painter Károly Lotz adorning the ceiling and the exquisite stained glass windows along the way.

About Hungarian Parliament

The Béla Neÿ Hall

Uncover fascinating insights into the Parliament's history and construction at the Béla Neÿ Hall. From a scale model of the building to behind-the-scenes glimpses on interactive screens, the exhibition offers a journey through time and technology.

About Hungarian Parliament

The Dome Hall

Step into the symbolic heart of Hungary, the Dome Hall, where the Hungarian Holy Crown and Coronation Insignia are safeguarded around the clock by the Crown Guard of the Hungarian Armed Forces. It's a poignant reminder of Hungary's rich heritage and enduring traditions.

About Hungarian Parliament

The Lounge of the Chamber of Peers

Marvel at the pyro granite sculptures and the largest hand-knotted carpet in Europe as you explore the Lounge of the Chamber of Peers. The room exudes elegance and grandeur, offering a glimpse into Hungary's aristocratic past.

About Hungarian Parliament


The Parliament Building houses a notable collection of paintings depicting various historical events, landscapes, and portraits of important figures. Gyula Benczúr, Bertalan Székely, Bertalan Székely, Tivadar Kosztka Csontváry are some of the artists whose works are at the Parliament. 

About Hungarian Parliament

The Chamber of Peers

Marvel at the former Chamber of Peers, now a venue for conferences and meetings. Admire the gold-plated decorations, oak panels, and historical murals that adorn this splendid hall.

About Hungarian Parliament

Sculptures & statues

Admire the numerous sculptures and statues within the Parliament building, depicting Hungarian monarchs, political leaders, and allegorical figures. Don’t miss the iconic statues of King Saint Stephen and Francis II Rákóczi in the courtyard.

About Hungarian Parliament

Stained glass windows

The Budapest Parliament building is home to some of the most beautiful stained glass paintings in the world. The 100+ glass windows were created by Miksa Roth, a renowned Hungarian artist, depicting different scenes from Hungarian history and mythology. 

About Hungarian Parliament

The Crown Jewels

No visit to the Hungarian Parliament is complete without seeing the Crown Jewels. Marvel at the Holy Crown of Hungary, the Coronation Sword, and the Orb, housed in the Dome Hall and guarded with utmost reverence.

History of the Hungarian Parliament

1867: Diet of Hungary (the governing body) decides to build a new parliament building to symbolize sovereignty and a national identity. 

1885: Construction of the Hungarian Parliament building begins, designed by Imre Steindl in neo-Gothic style.

1896: Hungarian Parliament is inaugurated on the 1,000th anniversary of the country's founding.

1904: Hungarian Parliament building is completed, posthumously for Imre Steindl.

1944: Hungarian Parliament building faces tumultuous periods and gets damaged during World War II.

1945: Hungarian Parliament building is restored.

1989: Hungary embraces democracy and the Hungarian Parliament becomes the seat of the newly-reformed Hungarian National Assembly.

Present: Hungarian Parliament building is a popular tourist destination and a symbol of Hungarian political and cultural heritage.

Who built the Hungarian Parliament building?

About Hungarian Parliament

Budapest Parliament architecture

budapest parliament architecture

Frequently asked questions about the Hungarian Parliament building

Is it worth visiting the Hungarian Parliament?

Absolutely! Visiting the Hungarian Parliament offers a captivating glimpse into Hungary's political history, architectural grandeur, and cultural heritage. The guided tours of the Hungarian Parliament provide a comprehensive understanding of this iconic building in Budapest.

What architectural elements make the Hungarian Parliament stand out among other European landmarks?

The Parliament's stunning exterior features intricate details, including spires, statues, and decorative motifs, reminiscent of Gothic cathedrals and royal palaces. Its grand interior impresses visitors with elaborate staircases, vaulted ceilings, and ornate furnishings, reflecting the opulence and elegance of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

What is the best time to visit the Hungarian Parliament building?

It's best to visit early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid crowds and long lines. 

Can I visit the Budapest Parliament building for free?

Unfortunately, access to the Hungarian Parliament building is not free. You will have to buy Hungarian Parliament building tickets to explore it from inside.

What role does the Hungarian Parliament play in modern Hungarian politics?

As the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, the Hungarian Parliament serves as the country's legislative hub, where lawmakers debate and enact laws governing the nation. It also hosts official state ceremonies, diplomatic meetings, and cultural events, reflecting Hungary's rich heritage and democratic values.

Are guided tours available for visitors interested in exploring the Hungarian Parliament?

Yes. Hungarian Parliament guided tours offer visitors a captivating journey through the Parliament's halls, chambers, and historical artifacts. Knowledgeable guides provide fascinating insights into the building's history, architecture, and significance in Hungarian culture and politics.

Can I take pictures inside the Hungarian Parliament building?

Yes, you can take pictures inside the Hungarian Parliament building, but photography is forbidden in the Dome Hall where the crown jewels are kept. 

What is the significance of the Crown Jewels housed within the Hungarian Parliament?

The Hungarian Crown Jewels, including the sacred Crown of Saint Stephen, are safeguarded within the Parliament's premises, symbolizing Hungary's sovereignty and national identity. These priceless artifacts are revered as symbols of Hungarian royalty and are guarded 24/7.

Has the Hungarian Parliament been featured in any films or popular culture references?

Yes, the Hungarian Parliament has served as a backdrop for numerous films, documentaries, and cultural productions, showcasing its timeless allure and cinematic appeal. Its iconic silhouette against the Budapest skyline has made it a popular subject for photographers and artists worldwide.

How many rooms does the Hungarian Parliament contain, and what are their functions?

The Hungarian Parliament houses over 600 rooms serving various purposes, including legislative activities, governmental meetings, and ceremonial events. Visitors can explore several chambers, including the impressive Dome Hall and the ornate Chamber of Peers.

What materials were used in the construction of the Hungarian Parliament?

The Hungarian Parliament is predominantly constructed from limestone, with intricate details adorned in white marble. Its grandeur is further enhanced by the extensive use of gold accents and colorful stained glass windows.